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Cebu De Oro Services

Bringing You An Essence Of Home

Biscuits Cookies & Cakes


Stick-O Chocolate Waffers 380g

Stick-O Mocha Waffers 380g

Stick-O Buko Pandan Waffers 380g

Stick-O Strawberry Waffers 380g

Stick-O Ube Waffers 380g

La Pacita

La Pacita Mamon Tostado 100g

La Pacita Egg Cracklet 130g

La Pacita Prima Toast 200g


Sunflower Mango Crackers Pack 175g

Sunflower Strawberry Crackers 175g

Sunflower Butter Cream Crackers 10x25g

M.Y. San

MY San Sky Flakes in Can Individually Wrapped 850g

MY San Sky Flakes Onion Crackers Pack 250g

My San Sky Flakes Garlic Crackers Pack 250g

MY San Graham Crackers Pack 200g


Suncrest Fudgee Bar Chocolate 10x42g

Suncrest Fudgee Bar Durian 10x42g

Suncrest Fudgee Bar Milky Craze 10x42g

Suncrest Fudgee Bar Maccapuno 10x42g

Suncrest Fudgee Bar Mocha 10x42g


Regent Ube Mamon 10x20g

Regent Pandan Mamon 10x20g

Regent Mocha Mamon 10x20g

Regent Chocolate Mamon 10x20g